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Transform your access to financial services with ibind Systems


BIND’s Value Addition

BIND Systems develops software products that create a seamless digital pathway between banks, corporates, and individuals. BIND’s software solutions primarily facilitate swiftness and convenience that are crucial for corporate workforces and individuals to digitally access a wide array of financial products across multiple banks without worrying about the privacy and security of personal data. By doing so, BIND aims to achieve and offer end-to-end digitalization of access to banking products for all stakeholders.
Our primary customers are banks. The banks have a wide array of financial products, and they need to enroll individuals to use their products which requires extensive paperwork. We tie up with banks so that they use our fin-tech products that eliminate the previously necessary manual paperwork. The banks, in turn, offer our products to large corporate organizations who ask their employees to use our products to access digital financial services given by the banks.
To enable their employees to access financial services offered by banks, corporate organizations have to deal with repetitive and time-consuming paperwork. Our products significantly speed up the corporate onboarding process of employees by completely transforming the banks’ manual identity verification procedure into a digital transaction pivoted on secure storage of personal data in a digital vault whose control rests with the individuals.
Our solution helps individuals to access banking and financial products, including credit, more easily by streamlining the verification and authentication process. This can be done through digital ID and wallet-based identity and credential verification, reducing the need for physical visits to bank branches or financial institutions and cumbersome manual process.